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Ms. Maine 2023

Nykki Stevens

My name is Nykki Stevens and I am honored to be your USOA Ms. Maine 2023.  Having obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology and a Masters of Science degree in Early Childhood Education I worked with children and families in many capacities from case manager and pre-k teacher to Head Start supervisor. Two years ago I made the decision to leave a job I loved in order to run the family business. I am now vice  president of a manufactured housing business. We received an extraordinary sales award my first year managing the business. Making this change allowed me to be flexible  while raising my two amazing boys, Ostin (11) and Levi (8). Because of them, I have found a love for things outside of my comfort zone, like skiing and ice fishing. I enjoy watching them play sports and having dance parties in the kitchen. They continue to inspire and motivate me everyday. 


My oldest son is dyslexic and has a speech and language disorder. For three years, I wasn’t noticing progress and when mentioned in an IEP meeting, I was told I should get used to my son never being able to read. Having bigger goals for my son, I continued to advocate for him and change within the school system for teacher trainings and better resources. Advocating over the years led me to wanting to advocate for others with dyslexia. Through my pageant journey, I have been able to create The Driving Force, my personal platform, where I fundraise, advocate and support the Children’s Dyslexia Center, along with the local school district. 


I am looking forward to my year of service as your USOA Ms. Maine. My goal is to continue advocating my platform for the dyslexic community, speak of the sister hood every moment I get and support local charities and events. 

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