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Ms. Maine 2024

Kristin Willett

I grew up and currently live in Central Maine with my son Conrad and two daughters Elliana and Evelyn.  We have a mini Australian Poodle named Toto, as well as two rabbits (Lucky & Cottontail) and a Guinea Pig named Russell.
My one year plan is to complete my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education at the University of Maine at Augusta. As well as open a Nail Salon. I am currently enrolled with the University of Maine and will complete my courses by Fall of 2024. The Salon is currently open for nail services, I am working towards expanding to offer hair services.  My five year goal is to open a Montessori preschool and practice nails on the evenings, weekends and during summers.  I plan to obtain my pilots license by 2026. I am an energetic, compassionate person who enjoys staying busy. When I am not working towards my dreams I like to model and volunteer for local film sets. I also enjoy camping, hiking, gardening and crafting.

Alyssa Dusoe Designs

The United States of America's Pageant is my first pageant. I joined the pageant for a few reasons.  The first was to show my children to step outside their comfort zones and get involved in their community. My children and I would volunteer at many events and we created fundraisers of our own. I created and hosted two events over the last year called “Photo Frenzys”. A photo frenzy is a walk through photography event. Friends and families can walk around the hall working with multiple photographers for one low price. The proceeds go towards the fight against heart disease. Which leads me to my platform. 
My platform is the American Heart Association. I have a large family. A family that has been greatly affected by heart disease. It is important to me to teach awareness of heart health and help fight heart disease with preventative care, ie. exercise and eat healthy. The Photo Frenzys successfully raised over five hundred dollars towards the fight.
Another project I started last year was “Coupons from Cupid”. I would use bottle donations and coupons to buy bulk items for local shelters. This project brings me great joy. I look forward to continuing to support my community.
Through the experiences and new friendships, The United States of America's Pageant has empowered me to be the woman I have always wanted to be. I promise to always inspire those around me to be positive and patient, through example. I promise to empower each individual to be the best person they can be. I promise to uplift the communities in which I live and the communities throughout our great nation.

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