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Teen Maine 2023

Morgan Wing

My name is Morgan Wing and I am so honored to be your USOA Teen Maine 2023!! I am currently a senior at Windham high school where I am a member of National Honors Society and Spanish Honors Society! This is my very first pageant, and stepping outside of my comfort zone has helped me grow into a better woman!


I look forward to the following year of service as I continue to support and grow my personal platform. The Journey Bag, which collects essentials for kids and teens going into the Department of Health and Human Services Child Protective System. This gives the children a safe place to store their personal belongings and something of their own to keep along their journey. I also plan to continue supporting my charity of choice, Project Sparrow which works hand in hand with my platform to provide for the children in DHHS child protective custody.

If you didn’t know Ms. Maine is my Aunt and godmother!  I am blessed to take this journey with her and my fellow Maine Queens by my side! I can’t wait to continue to grow and evolve along the way. I hope to help others become confident in their own skin, step out of their comfort zone, and jump into fear and face it, it is worth it! You are worth it!

With love, your USOA Teen Maine 2023!

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