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Teen Maine 2024

Emma May Brown

My name is Emma May Brown and I'm so excited to introduce myself as your Teen Maine 2024!   I created my platform "A Fresh Start" where I partnered with my local Domestic Violence escape housing (Caring Unlimited). My goal with having this as my platform is to bring my community together to provide these women with tools to give them a better chance at a fresh start.  With my first donation, my community came together and helped me provide over 500 personal hygiene items to Caring Unlimited. I was beyond amazed by my community and what we achieved together, but I knew we could do more. For my second donation, local businesses donated

vouchers and gift cards to places where the kids/teens can feel a bit of normalcy such as Dairy Queen, Bowl-A-Rama, Smitties, McDonald's, and Funtown Splashtown USA. On top of that these moms often while grocery shopping have to choose the "more affordable" option. So included in this donation I provided numerous name-branded snacks that these kids can take to school. However, I'm looking to EXPAND my platform "A Fresh Start" and not only provide Fresh Starts for the families in Caring Unlimited but for others as well!

About me- I LOVE animals, I have 7 pets. 3 cats, 2 dogs, a bunny, and a fish. I'm a Maine girl so I love snowboarding, going to the lake/ocean, and riding my four-wheeler. My career ambition is to own a hair salon while specializing in eyelash extensions!

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